All about Perspective

One point perspective piece. It was painted in such a way that the room feels grand in size making everyone painted inside look tiny and insignificant.
The walls and desks leads your eyes straight to the commanding officer in front of the room and the white board.
The view the artists painted this in makes the tower of babel look gigantic in size making it the main point of this piece.
Everything in the room takes you straight to the woman in this one point perspective piece.
One of the buildings is seen from a two point perspective making the painting itself look less flat and more realistic.
The size of the cave make the native americans in this painting look like ants giving a more dynamic feel to the cave.
The canopy of trees has an opening at the end making the building in the distance the focal point.
Its a beautiful piece. I like how detailed the people are as well as the building. It is also in perfect perspective.
I like how stonehenge is in the background making it seem smaller than it really is.
I love how you can see the bridge even though it is almost a foggy looking scene.
I love how far off the castle is. It makes is appear that it triumphs over everything else especially with the light behind it.
I like how everything up close is crystal clear while everything towards the back loses focus.
It leads your eyes directly to the door of the house. Even the leaves of the tree directs you down towards the door.
My favorite part about this painting is the skull and depending on where you look at it it makes the skull more visible.
The faraway and up view makes the chateau look very grande and epic especially since up close it would be much bigger.
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