Works of art that depict scenes from mythology from around the world.

What drew me to this vase was the stark contrast in colors. While black and orange is common for these vases, I don't remember the last time I had seen one with such vibrant colors. I would consider this craft, because it is one of a well known style of vase commonly found from the era.
The sketchy nature of this art drew my eye. It is clearly an unfinished or rough piece of work and I enjoy things that do not look completely perfect. Despite its rough nature, I feel this falls into the area of fine art due to the fact that it is a sketch that serves no practical purpose.
I am always fascinated by modern interpretations of mythology, of Greek mythology and Orpheus in particular, which is why I chose this piece. I would say this definitely falls into fine art: it is a decorative piece meant to be admired for its image and content.
This piece stood out to me with its unique shape. Even though it is a carving, this piece has a sense of depth to it with the scenes it depicts. I would consider this piece fine art, as it is meant to be admired.
This statue of a valykrie (or walkiyrie, as its title suggets) stood out to me because of the different contrasting colors used in it. Figures and statues are often one solid color, but this one makes use of black, white, and gold. As a decorative piece, I would call it fine art.
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