Renaissance Perspective

William Hatt

Three-Dimensional- existing i three dimensions Architectural- art/science of designing and erecting buildings Spanish Renaissance- the renaissance movement in Spain Architect- person who designs and oversees the construction of buildings Fantasy- genre of fictions that uses magic and other supernatural occurences
Panel- a section or distinct portion of a wall Greco-Roman- having both greek and roman characteristics Central perspective- one point perspective that is based in the center of the art octagonal- having eight angles or slides classicizing- make something classic
depictions- portrayal emphasized- stress something spatial- of or pertaining to space Humanism- philosophical stance that emphasizes the value of human beings. intarsia- form of wood inlaying
Franciscan- people who follow Saint Francis of Assisi pulpit- speakers stand in church facade- visible surface curtain- cloth hung to cover something interior- the inside of something
lacquered- glossy synthetic coating damask- patterned fabric porcelains- ceramic material parquet- decorative wooden flooring upholstered- equip furniture
portal- large gate depicts- portray Baroque- flamboyant style of art and architecture in 17th century sculptural- creation of 3D art staffage- excessories of an artistic composition
Credits: All media
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