tonal changes in temperature can impact a person's mood

It is a wide range of moods and subjects, from intimate scenes of a family saying grace before a meal to festive village celebrations, yet all of his paintings elicit a warm reaction to the lives of ordinary people. This kind of color can make us happy and feel themselves in a excited environment.
There are too many warm colors in this picture, almost the whole picture, just without the kid's clothe because it is blue which is a cold color. However it can make people to feel this kid's purify and innocent. This picture shows to the audience the full love from the father. It makes audience to appreciate the love.
This picture was painted a lot of warm colors by the painter. For example the yellow of the skin, the red clothes and the land colors show the mom's love to the baby. Audience will feel the whole love when observes the picture. And that is the warm color's power for the people's mood.
This picture is not only the warm and cold colors things but also makes a dark and light contrast. It shows us the important of this picture whack is the baby lays down in the middle of this picture. The baby is surround by light color which is a warm color. That makes people to hope to know more about the baby. And what happened on this baby.
Seen from a high vantage point, this panoramic view of a Dutch landscape seems to extend into a limitless distance. This picture has a lot of cold colors because the painter wants to show the long distance of the views. And that can make people feel a wide distance and the audience can feel a whole view in a high point.
The Coronation of the Virgin or Coronation of Mary is a subject in Christian art, especially popular in Italy in the 13th to 15th centuries, but continuing in popularity until the 18th century and beyond. The picture show a lot of warm colors, especially the crown of Mary. It makes people to feel that the lady is so purify. People will feel reverence when saw this picture.
This picture surround many cold color and makes people to feel sad and upset. It show that the Jesus is suffering so people is sad when saw this cold color style picture.
This picture shows that a man is around the sunshine. It is warm color. And the dark color and light color make a contrast. It shows that a gentle man is energetic under the sunshine. People will feel a strong energetic when saw this picture.
This painting not only shows a warm color but also shows a light color. People will fell very happy because there're many different things of different seasons. They will think about that they should say thanks to the environment because the environment makes them happiness.
This picture shows a lot of cold color because the painter wants to a wide and high view of the mountain. Because sometime in China, painters mostly use some cold color like black and grey to show a high and dangerous mountain.
This picture show a pilot to the audiences by using cold and warm color style. Because the main character is around a light and warm color, it lets people know he is the main character. Sometimes it shows that a warm and justice guy so that makes people to think about what happened in this picture.
The Giclee printing process gives the Art Print a vivid, pure colour, incredible details and the authentic charm of a museum original. The painter use both of the cold and the warm color to show a vivid and wide view. People can feel a beautiful world and coast, and they also can feel the fresh air flowing his face by comparing the cold and warm color.
I feel this girl so beautiful when I saw this picture at the first time. Because it not only show light of this girl but also shows this girl's warm colors. It can make audience's eye shinny.
This picture shows a mystery world because the warm color is around in the middle of this picture. That really can make people to feel and to hope to know what is that behind the forest. It can make audience to be interested.
This picture was used a lot of cold color to the upset young ladies.
This picture can make audience happy. Because it uses a lot warm color in the middle of this painting. Everyone in this picture is happy.
It was used a lot of cold color because painter wants to show a wide and vivid grassland view. People can feel a wide grass in front of their eyes.
It is around a lot of warm color everyone is very excited. Audience can feel happy too.
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