One Point Persepective

Deals with foreground, middle ground, background

These buildings show foreground for the building in front, middle ground, is the second building back, background is the 3rd building in the back.
there are two different pictures showing one point perspective, foreground is the plants and the stairs, middle ground is the walkway and the building. and background is the sky and building.
Foreground is the entrance of the archway, middle ground is the people on the bridge/balcony, and background is the rest of the city's walkway.
Foreground is the archway, Middle ground is the open area out of the archway, and Background is the other archway opening.
The Two walls are showing all the foreground middle, and back.
Foreground is the building to the left on the painting, middle ground is the buildings to the right, and background is the big Cathedral/ church.
Foreground is located at the the front of the island, middle ground is located at the Middle of the island and the Background is is at the back of the island.
show basically foreground, mid, and back
foreground is the bumps in front, Middle ground is the bumps in the middle, and then Background is the bumps in the back.
The island sows foreground in the foreground where the small mt.'s in front, middle is the mt.'s starting to get bigger, background is the bigger mt.s.
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