Textures of the World

This piece has many different textures from the overall view to the up close view of every individual square. The overall view is more rough as though there are many different people, working together in a business setting but each individual trying to standout. The individual squares are what make up the textures for the overall art piece, but the individual textures each have their own texture no two the same. Also having individual squares instead of one or two big rectangles to create the piece adds another texture to the art piece.
This piece intrigued me from the very beginning because there are multiple textures with each layer. If you read the description of this piece you will find out that this is made out of cardboard wrapped continuously around in a circle which was the artists foot. I picked this piece for texture because the depth of which the textures can mean to each individual person who sees this piece. It can mean years upon years of life lived for somebody or years of potential adventure for somebody else. This could also be an environmental piece symbolizing long life or the wisdom of mountains. The texture in this piece is so big to me that it pops at you and demands attention. 
I chose this piece for textures because the artist added depth to the painting with textures. There are regular layers you can see with one style of painting, but then there is another texture that adds that third dimension toward the on looker instead of within the painting. What looks like rained blue paint drops on the painting add the melting effect to the art. The effect that was added I thought was beautiful. That is why I added this painting to textures.
First of all Michael Jackson is an amazing singer/dancer so when I saw the statue I was automatically interested to see what it was made out of and how. Then when I looked at it in more detail there was a lighting effect that was very different. The way this statue was made fits the revolutionizing style Michael Jackson brought to the dancing and music world. This was made to give movement to the statue with every turn. The texture added extra pop and volume that I have not seen before. 
This picture at first seemed like another shoe picture to me at first, but when I took a second glance, thinking there was something I didn't see when I first saw it, I realized there were cut squares put together and that it wasn't an ordinary photograph. I saw a texture there that could only happen when hand drawn. When I read the description of the art work it confirmed what I was thinking drawing wise. The picture is made out of cut pixels and color pencil. In the description It also said the artists intention was to give it the sense of true nature and gravity/space. That is when I took a longer look at the picture. I saw a weight to the picture that I didn't before because of the mixtures of textures. I saw the color differences and how the thought of gravity was added to the picture. I started to really enjoy the texture and have a greater appreciation for what the picture was coming across as because of the texture. 
The piece adds two different feelings because of the textures. The one on the left has a simple, calm, somber, intricacy to it from the details that make up the smoothness of it. The one on the right has more darkness, controlled chaos, eerie feeling to it, like it is going for the scare or kill of the one on the left. The artist put the two together and that makes the story. The textures of both raise conflicting emotions and it adds movement to the piece. The shading adds those textures. 
The textures in this picture add the feelings of what the weather means to the people who are enjoying themselves in the scene. It reminds me of having picnics with my family during the fall. Which gave me warm feelings/memories to mind. The trees are what caught my attention first. The leaves and the bark seem to me be more detailed and given a texture while the people just seem to be a story that is happening in the important scene. That is what I think anyways. The textures are fascinating in that sense. 
For me this picture tells me that it does not need complications or multiple means to add different textures beautifully. The beauty is in the simplicity but still being able to have a depth to it because of the textures painted and what it was painted on. 
This sculpture amazed me for its texture in the scarf and in the clothes next to the woman's skin. The fact you can see the body beneath the clothes baffles me. How you can give that much detail in a sculpture made of glass could easily be described as a great feat. The artist used the fact it was glass to his/her advantage. The texture is soft elegance but also gives the emotion of temptation. 
When I first saw this picture my thoughts were smoking pipe. It made me laugh a little because there are so many good movies with famous actors smoking a pipe. Then I saw the title of it. "Vessel with Spout." I guess the artist had something else in mind. Even if my initial reaction was smoking pipe when you look at this glass piece you see what the textures add to it to give it the rugged look that completes it so wonderfully. It has the look as if it has been used from the bottom but the top shows a calming teal blue. Then the bottom also has a smooth spot that gives it a shine in the picture. I think the textures on this piece adds more of the story the artist was looking to tell than if there was just a smooth surface.
This picture of a skeleton smoking a cigarette is a very detailed piece not by the realism but by the texture. The texture is created from the short brush strokes and giving the eerie feeling to the on looker. This piece is dramatic and full of emotions that you wouldn't know if you didn't have the textures. 
This saber is decorated with intricate designs of people and animals. The gold is lifted, then you have the silver as the people or animals. This is in the texture gallery because of the elaborate detail of people and animals. The pictures on the saber are also for the person holding the handle, because if you hold the saber up straight the pictures will be upright. 
This piece caught my eye because I had no clue what was holding the ship nor what the entire piece was made out of. So I looked closer at the picture. I realized the complicated design and details were exquisite. There are so many different textures in this piece. Each is a different style telling the story and bringing it all back together again to make it one master piece. 
I was intrigued by this because of the 3D effect within each stone. It seemed like a maze meant for treasure hunters. I had to find out what it was about. I read the description and this is for the Mexican holiday "Day of the Dead." That is when people go out and give thanks to their ancestors for what has been given to them. This interesting piece still peaks my interest as it seems like clock works and I want to find out what it does.
This piece reminded me of the times I visited my grandparents in New Mexico. Then I read the description and it had nothing to do with New Mexico it was painted in Boston about a villa near Florence. Even if my geography is incorrect the colors of this painting are very well done and blend together to express movement in a calming and soothing way. The textures make it seem like this was painted on a cool breeze day that you just love to be outside for. 
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