Era Of Reform

Era of Reform 

She was one a reformer and helped with the women rights reform. She also helped organize the first convention for women rights. She also played a big role in the right for women rights because if the convention had never been made women today would have very little rights.Women thought that men should respect them and that they should have a voice in everything. This impacted the world we live in because it changed the view we have for women and they also have a lot more right today rather women in 1830.
One of the most recognized faces in the nation, Tubman was remembered for helping slaves in the South to freedom in the North.She did this because she knew that they were also people and that they deserve rights. She also knew that if she was caught she would be killed but she didn't care. After her many long trips from the South she died and will all ways be remembered as a hero. This impacted the world because it was a fight for blacks to have equal right and this was one of the starters. Without this event in our history,the world would be very different.
Dix wanted all to have the same rights and she did this by reforming against mentally ill, she thought that they were also human. She made the nation realize that mentally ill are people too. She wanted them to have the same life as everyone else and she had to work very hard for that. Also,she played a big role in the start of reform and she is of the most important people to live this planet. This impacted the history of the world by letting healthy people know that there are sick and dying people. Without this reform, there would be many dead people right now.
The Temperance Movement wanted all men who drank to stop because it caused violence and it was hurting their families. Women just wanted to protect their children but drinking was against them and they had to stop it. All they could do was reform against it and that's what they did. After a few struggle, the government finally listened and passed a law or a way of fixing it on the drinking. This changed America because it took a stand for women and their rights and the protection for their kids.
Reform is a good thing because it changes the way people live and interact. Without reform the world would be very different.We need this because our world has been changing since the beginning of time and without this again our world would be very different.For example slavery. If there was never a reform against it people would have still been slaves and immigration would have never been a thing. We need reform to change and it can be a good thing and a bad thing.
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