Instinct expressed through visual arts

By: Naia Lee-Hendricks

This photo shows them shooting a mirror. This would be what it was like for Moishe the Beadle, when he told Elie and the people in the Jewish community what the Germans were doing. He was trying to stop the Germans but he was only stopping himself. This is the effect of the human truth that people believe what they want.
This conflicting image shows two ways that people viewed Kurt Cobain. One image will be more familiar to you in terms of who he was, based on your opinion of him. This is because it is human nature to believe what you want to believe.
This street art shows that it is nature to fight, or fight back. There are two people fighting in the scene, and the fact that this was painted in a public setting shows how normal it is to fight.
This is another example of someone fighting, but in another location. This is important because it highlights the fact that fighting back isn't cultural and it is important to all people, no matter their heritage.
This is a women confiding in her friend in a very casual setting. This enforces that it is human nature to look to others for help, even in the smallest ways.
This image give historical context that even the angel looked to help in its era. With looking to companions for help being human nature, this demonstrates that it has been human nature for a long time.
This is someone questioning "why?" to someone else. You can assume that this sketch was done based on an actual situation, showing that it is easy to catch someone questioning others during any moment in time. This inquiring applies to faith as well, even without struggle.
Though this abstract piece could have many different interpretations, I look at it in the context of this project. The eyes represent people looking down on the man on the bike trying to get away. These people hate his religion, and with them always looking down on him despite his attempts to get away, he begins to question why his god would let this happen.
Credits: All media
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