A Game called WAR

War is one of the oldest practices by every civilization of the world.  Ever since the first humans began to organize themselves into groups, there has been a need for war for various reasons.  Not only has it been practiced, it is also one of the most popular topics among the common population  Unlike today, action photography was not possible mid-battle so artists took to depicting what they thought it looked like based on the written or oral records.  This exhibit aims to commemorate just a microscopic collection of the many wars that have taken place since time began.  

Battle of San Romano, Paolo Uccello, 1436 - 1440, From the collection of: Uffizi Gallery
Battle of San Romano, 1436, Early Renaissance, Tempera, Florence Italy. The Battle of San Romano is a series of 3 paintings by Paolo Uccello, depicting the Battle of San Romano. It was a fight between the Florentines and Siena in 1432 that started over a rivalry for land.
Battle of Pavia, Unknown Artist, After 1525, From the collection of: Birmingham Museum of Art
Battle of Pavia, Oil on Panel, Belgium, High Renaissance, 1525, Unknown artist. This painting is considered the only accurate depiction of the Battle of Pavia because of the artists incredible detail. Fought between France and the Holy Romans/Spanish in the Italian War of 1521-26
The Battle of Salvore, Domenico Robusti detto Tintoretto, first decade of the 17th century, From the collection of: Doge's Palace
The Battle of Salvore, Oil on Canvas, 17th Century, Venice Italy, High Renaissance Domenico Robusti detto Tintoretto. The Battle of Salvore was a short skirmish fought between the Venetians and the Holy Romans in an attempt to cripple the Holy Roman navy.
The Battle of Nagashino, Artist: Eisai Shuzen, 1615-1868, From the collection of: Freer Gallery of Art and Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
The Battle of Nagashin, Ink on paper, Japan, 1615, Edo Period (1603-1886), Eisai Shuzen. Battle of Nagashino is considered first modern Japanese battle because of the use of firearms and cavalry tactics used. Tokugawa used his forces to help defend the Oda's castle and defeated the armies of Takeda.
Battle of Aboukir, Antoine-Jean Gros, 1806, From the collection of: Palace of Versailles
Battle of Aboukir 25 July 1799, Paris (Palace of Versaille), Neoclassical, Oil on canvas, 1806, Antoine-Jean Gros. The Battle of Aboukir was part of Napolean's conquest to unite all of Europe and North Africa. It took place in Egypt and is considered the first pitched battle. Ultimately Napolean defeated the Egyptians.
Sea battle between Florentines and Pisans, Giorgio Vasari, 1563/1565, From the collection of: Palazzo Vecchio Museum
Sea battle between Florentines and Pisans, Oil on Wood, Mannerism, 1563, Giorgio Vasari. Depicts a skirmish between the Florentines and Pisans where the Florentines sought to sink a ship holding tons of wheat on route to Pisa.
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