Depictions of Mythical Creatures

Throughout history the depiction of mythical creatures in art have led to speculations of whether these creatures were real. By using representational techniques and style in these paintings, these artists were able to bring imagination to the canvas in its truest form. 

in this painting by Franz von Stuck, Sphinx, who is depicted as a woman, kisses this man with the vigor and aggression only a passionate beast would.
This oil painting almost got Salvator Rosa(painter) jailed due to its mythological origins, which was something the public wasn't used to.
The Minotaur, which is a bull-headed man, first arose in Greek Mythology from a story involving Poseidon and "the Horned god",Greek culture describes Minotaur's as a guardian of the Labyrinth.
"The Fight", painted by Edward Burne-Jones, was more of a symbol being painted in 1866, depicting the classic "Knight in shining armor saves a damsel in distress" type of visual
This painting, like the last, depicts a noble knight ending a dragons life, that has already left a dead body in its wake
These 3 St. George paintings reitorate the same visual of st. George dealing or about to deal the deathly blow to the Dragon
Khnopff was a Belgian symbolist who tried to depicted the mystery of woman. In this painting Fernand is said to depict this woman as "devouring". this imagination aligns with the motif of mythology
from afar this painting depicts another "Lady Sphinx" which was a symbol of a monster sent by the gods to deliver plagues
This painting depicts a man attacking what seems to be a dragon, as if these creatures existed, as if this happened with the realistic and representational style of this painting
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