Bill of rights

Amendment 1 Basic freedom: Congress can't make laws that break America's basic freedom or laws that may intrude on it. America's basic freedom is the right to speak and the freedom to practice your religion. This picture represents to me how people have expressed themselves after the laws of freedom of speech and religion were passed.
Amendment 2 Right to bear arms: citizens have the right to carry and keep weapons to operate in state militias. In my opinion this picture shows a person carrying A weapon for the state militia.
Amendment 3 Quartering of soldiers: No soldiers can go in someone's house in a time of peace without their approval. This photo reminds me of soldiers trying to go in someone's house in a time of peace.
Amendment 4 Search and arrest: Government officials can't search citizens or their house or take their things without approval from a judge. This picture reminds me of how government officials would search citizens after they got their approval rom the judge.
Amendment 5 Rights in criminal cases: people that are accused of crimes have certain basic rights and can't be tried twice for the same crime. this photo, in my opinion represents the person who committed the crime having someone else testify for them.
Amendment 6 Right to a fair trial: people who are accused of a crime have the right to have a lawyer and the right to question witnesses. To me, this picture shows a citizen with a lawyer to defend them in trial.
Amendment 7 Rights in civil cases: Citizens have the right to impose a jury trial to work out arguments over things people hold dear. This picture represents in my opinion how someone took a dispute to trial.
Amendment 8 Bail,fines, punishment: Excessive bail will not be required. Cruel and harmful punishments put upon. To me, this photo represents what can't be done to one that has committed a small crime.
Amendment 9 Rights Retained by the people: The government has to respect all the rights of Americans including rights not put in the constitution. This photo makes me think of when government officials get together to go over the rights of the Americans.
Amendment 10 States rights: The states and people got to keep any left over power that the constitution doesn't give the federal government. In my opinion this picture represents when the government looks over the constitution for any rules that might apply to their situation.
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