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A common color seen throughout the Renaissance (1500 - 1530) is the color red. Many of the the paintings during that time were of Religious content depicting the Virgin Mother Mary with children. The baby Jesus, as well as other historic Religious figures as children. The images you will see here have a few things in common. The color red and the Virgin Mary with child can be seen throughout this gallery as a common thread that ties them together. 

Virgin and Child, Cesare da Sesto (attributed), Early 16th century -, From the collection of: National Palace of Sintra
The subject of this painting is a woman and child, presumably Mary and the baby Jesus. While many of the colors in this painting are muted and dark, the vibrant red of the woman's blouse attracts attention to her, and the infant in her arms.
Madonna Terranuova, Raphael, 1505, From the collection of: Gemäldegalerie, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin
The main subject of this painting is Mary and the child John the Baptist. The dominating feature in this painting the the red dress that Mary is wearing. Among the dark colors used, it stands out and draws your attention to her.
The Virgin Mary, with the Infant and Saint John the Baptist, Lucas Cranach the Elder, 1509 - 1512, From the collection of: Muzeul Național Brukenthal
As seen in other works in this gallery, the subject of this painting is also a woman and two small children. The use of color in this painting is different. The colors used are not dark or drab. Not only the vibrant red stands out, but also the blue in her dress. The Woman in the painting is meant to be The Virgin Mary and baby Jesus. Also depicted in the painting is a infant St. John the Baptist.
Holy Family, Pieter Coecke van Aelst, or Workshop of Bernard van Orley, around 1525, From the collection of: Bonnefantenmuseum
The Holy Family seen here, like so many of the Renaissance depicts a the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus. Also seen in this painting is Mary's husband, and they are depicted as the Holy Family. The main focus is the Mother Mary, which shifts the the baby Jesus. There is a feeling that Joseph was almost an afterthought and seems darker the mother and baby.
Annunciation, Garofalo, 1528, From the collection of: Musei Capitolini
While many of the other paintings in this gallery are of the Virgin Mother, This one is different. The woman, who seems to be the main focus of the painting, appears to be reading from the Holy book while the men peek around the corner at her. Like She is preparing for her future as the Mother of Jesus.
Pilate Washing his Hands, Simon Bening, about 1525–1530, From the collection of: The J. Paul Getty Museum
While the dominant color here is still red, the subject of the painting is different. The main subject in this painting is Pilate. The red the covers his chair signifies that he is important, perhaps aven noble. The placement if the pillars and high arches suggest that the onlookers are awaiting an audience.
Madonna in the Meadow, Raphael, 1505/1506, From the collection of: Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien
There are two paintings that appear to be the same. Look closely. These are painted by two different people, and many of the features of Mary and the children differ. The sky and background are light and inviting.
Madonna of the Goldfinch, Raffaello Sanzio, 1505 - 1506, From the collection of: Uffizi Gallery
While the background in this painting appears to be cold and uninviting. This may look like the same as the on before, but there are differences in them based on the artist's interpretation.
The Virgin and Child Icosidodecahedron, Gian Pietro Rizzi called Giampietrino, 1510 - 1515, From the collection of: Museo Poldi Pezzoli
As seen in other paintings in this gallery, Red is the dominate color in the painting. While the painting appears dark and drab, the red of Mary's dress is vibrant and bright. Her expression appears sad, almost as if she knows what will become of her son.
This is a powerful piece that depicts Jesus after he was taken down from the cross. In the painting, the first things that you may see is Jesus in the arms
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