This particular artwork was created using one point perspective, and that can be identified by how everything seems to be heading toward the center of the horizon.
This particular artwork is an example of aerial perspective as the mountains gradually become more hazy.
This is a good example of overlapping.
Multipoint perspective is clearly used in this painting.
A Two-Point Perspective piece.
This is a perfect example of a piece that clearly has isometric perspective.
This is an example of Transparency, and it is slightly hard to recognize what is in front of what.
This piece is an example of positive and negative space.
Both of the sculptures in the photograph are example of positive and negative space in sculpture.
This is an example of amplified perspective.
This painting creates a sense of size and space because of how small the man at the ledge appears compared to the pot in center view of the piece.
This is an example of Exaggerated Size because of how large the baby appears compared to the two other figures in the painting.
Credits: All media
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