Music In Motion - Candi Lennon

This gallery includes images that represent the movement of music. It is shown in different paintings and photos. There are a variety of mediums that was chosen for this gallery. In these paintings, some of the movements are shown by dance.

In this piece, you can see four people playing four different instruments. One of the women is singing or just listening to the music that is being played. In the background, you can see three ghost-like figures moving to the music. This painting has many different colors in it. The white wall brings out the figures in the back. It looks like they are having fun and vibing to the music.
In this photo, you can see a man in mid-leap in the air. Also, you can see in the back holding up a woman. They are dancing at an event called "Play and Play: An Evening of Movement and Music @ The Joyce Theatre". The man and other two people are representing the movement of music as they dance to the music
This is a painting of gypsies dancing outside of a building that is known as the Pavilion of Charles V. There are folks playing instruments and others are clapping, singing, and jamming to the music. In the middle of everything is a lady that is dancing to the music. The people are watched how she swayed to the music. Everyone looks like that are having fun and just enjoying their selves.
In this painting, you can see many different colors, shapes, and designs. The designs in this painting represent the rhythm of the music. The movement in this painting guides the viewers eyes to the two circles that look like sink holes. One of the circles is a dark blue with purple in it also and the other is yellow. It's like two different pitches in the music. You have the high pitch sounds that are a light color. The lower pitch sounds are a darker color.
In this piece, you will see a group of Korean men dancing to the music. This painting is called "Farmer's Music" and that explains a lot about this painting in two words. It shows the men making their own music and dancing to it also. They are reacting the movement of music through dance.
In this painting, you will see many different colors. This painting represents the harmony and the rhythm of nature. It expresses the movement of music in the different strokes of color. Each color could represent a different beat, sound, or a different rhythm of the music. All of the different colors draw the viewers to look at the painting as a whole. Because there isn't the main object to focus on so the main focus is the whole picture itself.
In this piece, you will see a portrait of a Cuban-American dancer whose name is Maudelle Bass. The different colors make it seem like the woman is closer to the viewers. The woman is dancing to show praise to the sun. Through her movement, she shows the sun how much she appreciates it. She also shows the movement of the music through her dance.
In this piece, you will see a portrait of a choreography of the 20th century named Merce Cunningham. He loved to embrace everyday movements through different ways like through music and visual effects. Merce is showing that he is serious about what he do because of his facial expression. With him wearing all black and the light colors in the background makes him stick out. Making him the main focus to the viewers.
In this painting, you will see the repeating elements that represent the rhythm of the painting. It helps to create a feeling of organized movement for the viewers. The mutants are demonstrating the movement of music as they sway. There is not the main focus element in this painting. But when the viewers look at this you could see the movement of the mutants.
In this painting, you can see a group of men and women on a stage dancing. To music, that is being played by a band and they all have different instruments. Also, you can see the audience in the background at the bottom. The dancers are moving to the beat of the music. You can tell that the dancers are in motion because of the lines that were drawn behind their feet that are on the floor. Also, they have their legs in the air and moving their skirts.
Credits: All media
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