One point perspective

I have neither given nor received unauthorized aid on this work.-Berenice Espitia

The foreground in this piece of art is the sink and the bottom side of the bathtub and also the small bags on the ground and the soap bar on the sink. The middleground is the inside of the bathtub the two side walls and the bottles of shampoo. Also the water going inside the bathtub. The background is the tile wall of the bathtub and the shadow of the water and also the showerhead and some of the water going into the tub.
The foreground of this piece of art are the pieces of fabric on the ground and part of the girls feet. The middleground is mostly the body of the girl in her ballet clothes and the ledge of the mirror with the bottles. The background is the girls upper body like her head and hands and also the wall of the room she is in and the end of the mirror.
The foreground are the trees and the white statues and also the dirt or sand. The middleground is the temple or house and the wall it has on the side and also the sandish ground. Also the other small houses and trees are part of the middleground with some of the clouds. The background is the mountain and the clouds surrounding it and the sky and also the letters on the top left corner.
The foreground in this picture is the table and the tools on it and also the mans hands on the table holding a piece of paper. The vase with the ink and feather are also part of the foreground. The middleground is the mans body and the book and small papers on the wall on the right side and some other small papers on the left side. The background is the mans head and the shelf with books and and box. There are also white papers on the wall and sphere hanging on the right side near his face.
The foreground in this picture are the bottom legs of the power tower. The middleground is the entire tower and the wall surrounding it and the background is the sky and the wires connected to the tower.
The foreground is the chair and the black shadow that look like black clothes. The middleground is the table and the book on it and the window. The background is the women looking outside and her body.
The foreground are the girls in the front sitting down and looking at something and part of the grass also. The middleground is the girl in the white standing and and the grass. The background is the two people standing on the right corner and the trees.
The foreground is the people in the front walking around and the horses also. The middle ground are the two buildings on the side and also some other people in between the buildings. The background is the castle and the sky.
The foreground is the sword or silver thing in the front and the carpet on the ground. The middleground is are the mans and the tables in between them with the stuff on top of it. The background is the green wall and the mans heads and some objects that are to tall standing on the table.
The foreground is the womens head and the black streak that appears to be the womens dress in the middle. The middle ground are the body of the women and the sandy ground. The background is the womens head and the red, bage and greenish parts on the ground.
Credits: All media
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