I didn't realize it at first but, the fire is a man and the water is a girl. Its a pretty good statue.
I like the Alligator posting on the wood, and the whole color of the background.
I like the big tree in this piece.
The clock itself is something to enjoy. I would love to have this clock.
I like how the dragon is mixed in with the clouds. Its like a ghost dragon.
I like the red sun and the simple choice color for the sky. and the mountain fits in perfectly.
I like the idea of an underground kingdom.
I like the purplish sky and the mountain, it gives a calm felling this painting.
I like the sky and how the light cuts in showing life to the ground.
I think this is an amazing piece. The mountains, the herd of deer's along the water and again the light cutting in the clouds.
I like the skorpion in this.
I just find this pretty cool.
I like the theme of this painting, and also the painting.
Its pretty simple, but how the fire is set I find pretty cool.
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