Anicent Egypt

Why was the Nile River so important in ancient Egyptian life? What did the ancient Egyptians use the Nile for?
What is a sphinx? Why was it built?
The Ancient Egyptians invented paper. How did they make paper out of papyrus?
This was painted on the tomb of Amenemhet. It shows what he would do in the afterlife. What can you find?
This is a mummy bandage. Why did the ancient Egyptians mummify bodies?
Why do you think this lion was put at the front of a tomb?
Ancient Egyptians communicated in hieroglyphics. Can you read any of the hieroglyphics?
This is a mummified Ibis. Why would Pharaohs mummify animals?
This is the bottom of a coffin. What colors do you notice? How do you think the ancient Egyptians got those colors?
Can you infer the job of this ancient Egyptian? What are your clues?
This is a model of an ancient Egyptian ship. Where could it be going? What is on the ship?
What do you think is happening in this picture? Who are the people? What was it made on?
Why is this man playing music?
Why were pharaohs buried as mummies, in fancy tombs, and inside pyramids?
This is a mosaic of the Nile River. What does it depict? What is a mosaic?
What do you think this Temple was used for? Can you find the carvings of papyrus?
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