Dinner with History

By: Maddie Spoor

This is a U.S. Embassy. I used this as a destination for my dinner because, the Embassy in Saigon, South Vietnam was evacuated during the Fall of Saigon. That was when all of Vietnam became communist.
Appetizer: Pigs in a Blanket- I chose this for the appetizer, because Roosevelt's favorite food is hot dogs. This is a sausage wrapped in pastry dough. Main Dish: Pho- This is a popular Vietnamese dish. Ho Chi Minh is from Vietnam. This dish is beef noodle soup. Side: Red Cabbage- I chose red cabbage because this is one of president Ford's favorite dishes. You can boil red cabbage or saute it. Dessert: Kaiserschmarrn- This is a popular dessert from Austria. Hitler was born in Austria. This dessert is made of shredded pancakes.
Ho Chi Minh: Question: Why did you want to make all of Vietnam communist, when you could have just left South Vietnam alone? I chose Ho Chi Minh as a guest at my dinner party because, he was in charge of North Vietnam during the Vietnam War.
President Gerald Ford: Question: If Vietnam was still split into two, but were not bothering each other, would you try to make all of Vietnam democratic or at least non-communist? I chose President Gerald Ford because, he was the president during the Fall of Saigon.
Adolf Hitler: Question: Why was making the world communist so important for you to do? The reason I chose Adolf Hitler as one of my guest is because he was one of the main enemies during World War II. He led Nazi Germany toward making all of the world communist.
Franklin Roosevelt: Question: How does it feel to be well known all over the world? I invited Roosevelt because he was an iconic president during World War II.
Final Question: If all of the world became communist or all democratic, what would you do and how would you feel?
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