Tykiana HArris

This picture to me shows a lot of deep feelings and from the looks of it they are praying over the woman and the child is eating something he shouldn't and they are praying that it doesn't change him.
This picture touched me and had me open inside my heart and had me noticing that I need to get right because he didn't have to do this. He could've just let us suffer in our own sins like we are now
This picture is very deliverable Look at the baby angels they are seeking to know what they have to do when they grow there guardian wings and be trained to protect as this woman is doing to this baby
The first president of the United States, also a general a very good general even better than Ulysses Grant. He led our men to freedom when the colonies fought off the British to seek independence.
This picture looks as if he is depressed and he can't see whats going on around him. You don't know who to trust or who to relate to cause you don't know if they are playing with you or being real.
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