The Crucible

Various pictures of the Salem, Massachusetts area along with pictures that directly connect to the Salem Witch Trials.

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Pictures taken of Salem Puritan Village. What interesting things do you see? (Talk with a partner)
Sundial located on Rebecca Nurse's house.
Inside furnishings of a Salem house.
Photos taken from a production of "The Crucible".
Depiction of witch trial.
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Rumors were spread about which people were witches.
"Afflicted" children accused people of being witches.
One method of determining if you were a witch was whether you owned a poppet, or doll.
Witches were said to use needles to poke and stab their victims and cause them pain. Much like voodoo dolls.
Another method of testing was with the dunking chair. The suspect would be dunked into water to see if they floated or sank. A person was innocent if they sank and did not float at the surface.
When sentenced to jail, many people were chained to the furniture to prevent them from escaping.
Listings of expenses from the jail keeper. You'll notice Sarah Osburn, Sarah Good, and Giles Corey's names are listed.
If found guilty and the accused person confessed to witchcraft they would be hanged.
The only way to be officially released from jail was a letter from Governor William Phips.
Some were able to use their family's influence or bribe their way out of jail and flee for their freedom to nearby towns.
But many didn't make it.
19 people were hanged and 1 person was pressed to death. Another 5 people died in jail before the events of the Salem Witch Trials ended.
When in early 1692 accusations of witchcraft began to circulate in Salem, Hathorne was called upon to question both accusers and accused to determine if there was cause for a trial. Found many guilty.
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