THe Art of Dancing 

I chose the art of dancing because I think it shows that painting, drawing, or sculpting different art pieces of dancing was important. Dancing was important to many different cultures and is still important today. That is why I chose this category, so I could portray dancing through many forms of art. 

This piece of art is a good description of dancing because it shows the women moving and dancing.
This piece of art shows some kind of dance competition because the men have numbers on their back.
This work of art shows many different families at a fair dancing and having a great time.
This piece of art work is a good example of the various types of music that can be used while dancing.
This is a good example of the many different types of dancing there is. For example, this piece of art works shows ballet dancing.
This artwork is a good example of the exotic things people wore for rituals or any type of dancing they did.
This is also a good picture of the various types of instruments used to play different types of music for dancing.
I liked this picture because it was a good example of the many occasions there are for dancing. This piece of art work looks as if they are celebrating or having some ritual.
This picture is a great example of the broad colors and exotic dancing many different cultures did. This picture's bright colors shows that there are many different types of dances and rituals.
This cup-like object shows that they used people dancing on many things. The art of dancing was an important hobby for many different cultures or people.
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