The Natural Romantics By: Arrion D. Paxton  

The Natural Love Movement is based on the beauty of nature and love combined. Surrounded by the outer most beautiful artist who share passion of nature and love. The collection I chose aren't in a special order, but they are in order of nature meeting love by how far the painting is in nature, and, or love with one another.

I chose this piece not only because I really like it, but it allows you to choose what's happening here. I thought this was a painting of a mother and a daughter talking to one another, and enjoying each others company. I connected with this painting because of my relationship with my mother.
This painting was chosen because of the view of nature. In the painting you see this sadness almost of a tree who doesn't seem healthy. I like the fact that this painter/Artist doesn't just see nature as always beautiful, but nature can be destroyed as well. Even going into the sky it's dark, gloomy,and smokey. It looks as if the mountains might be on fire.
This painting was chosen Because the beauty of nature shown here seems peaceful the colors are phenomenal, and I love the reflection in the water of the tree and house.
This painting was chosen by the natural looking view of nature I like that they added the people in the painting seeing people out doors valuing nature is very important and makes the viewer feel that this is giving of emotions.
I really found this painting very interesting. To me this painting looks as If the artist took these people and put them into a human size doll house showing what each room contains rather its love, death, spirit, or etc.
This painting shows a private moment of three lovers This painting is a stage like movement thats very realistic. The curves of the lover on the far right are known as the venus . This painting is in fact relatable rather it's actual or metaphorically, I mean by that someone can be metaphorically between two other lovers.
This painting is a mythical story about two lovers in side homer's odyssey. Telemachus the young man on the right went in such of his father on his trip he falls in love with the woman in the painting named Eucharist. The moment is when Telemachus tell her he must leave her to continue looking for his father. I really enjoyed this painting because everyone can relate to this painting for everyone has been in love and has made hard decisions while in love.
This painting was chosen because this painting is showing symbolic Landscape includes a lone tree, and if you look closely you can see a shepherd and his flock of sheep. Going up the tree you see it's struggling to keep thickness and heath like its been damaged before. In so many ways people may relate to this painting in their own lives.
I chose this painting because in side it to some viewers it looks as if this could be a mother and her children, or to a viewer like me I see A sister and her siblings sitting out doors with some farm animals which show the love between siblings that most people share.
Yosemite Vally is one of the most beautiful views in the world. Many people come visit this space and its scenery. Its the largest granite held in the world. This painting was chosen do to the painters ability to capture such a beautiful scenery and looks perfectly like it.
Credits: All media
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