renaissance perspective

Royal chapel in Granada- a mausoleum short-lived decoration spanish renaissance- new ideas of art and life in spain classical language- literature that is classical design- the creation of an object
urban planning- a process that is concerned with the use of land antiquity- ancient commemoration- in rememberance spatial relationships cornucopia- a symbol of abundance and norishment
depictions-illustration Quattrocento mathematics-used in architecture in the 15 century central perspective-one point perspective Humanism- the vuale and agency of human beings variants- alternative
Franciscan friar-disicples of Saint Francis facade- the front of a buliding composition- the placement of visual elements pulpit- where the preacher stands to preach crucifix- a cross
bourgeois clientele picturesque aspects- an aesthic ideal lithographs- method of prnting deteriorated- to worsen proximity of kinship- relationship
elaborate- explain
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