How a city is set up and who is in charge can exponentially alter its atmosphere entirely. Whether we look at the past or present of a city, there are aspects that people care about are there are some that are not, whether that be aesthetically or the functionality of city, such as its government. This "care" for a particular area defines a cities financial and sustainable atmosphere, or even its overall mood

A lot of life and movement of an area naturally attracts more people. Jacobs emphasizes "eyes on the street" in order to create more interest and safety. If there is a lot going on, there is more to be watched. People would feel safer visiting populated areas and populated ares create growth and care (51).
I used this picture of green to show the importance of money in society. Especially in Red Harvest, it depicts people as greedy and power hungry, which isn't far off of how modern day society is.
The popularity of some areas are entirely based off of the people who utilize them. Jacobs uses parks as an example of something that is only as popular as people make it to be. She argues that the responsibility of park use is based off the people.
This shows how in Red Harvest, there is a disruption of the order in society which was the murder of Donald Willsson. Usually, in any society death is an eye opener; how it happened, who did it, what the repercussions are.
This picture depicts how much one person can have so much use and knowledge. Jacobs argues how, as a city, independence and the ability to solve the problems it creates can be extremely beneficial and important in a functional city (113).
Capitalism is a major topic of Red Harvest. The town of "poisonville" is pretty much in taken over by one man, Elihu Willsson. This means that the town's government and ideas are represented by one person which can be dangerous.
Business. Jacobs believe our downtowns converted to business districts after the war (165). This is accurate about what makes a successful city nowadays. Businesses are a major aspect of politics and cities and general and Jacobs highlighted that.
How our environment affects us and our society is a major topic in both Red Harvest and Life and Death of Cities. Is is also a relevant topic in today's society.
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