George's Seurat artwork

This is a painting of a woman in a park she is on the island La Grande Jatte. This is a oil on panel painting . This painting is in the Museum of Fine Arts located in Boston .
This painting is one of George's Seurat paintings. He used a technique known as "dotting" where he used a brush and made small dots.
This painting is one of George's Seurat landscapes. He did not make many landscapes. This picture is one of his first marine landscapes. He stole/borrowed the idea of landscapes from Claude Monet.
This painting is taken from the island La Grande Jatte. There is a bridge in the background, and a light sketch of a man in a boat. This picture is a beautiful piece of art but i say you need "special" eyes in order to see and understand this work of art. This art work may look messy and not like art but it is very famous.
This painting is taken off of the island La Grande Jatte. This is one of Georges Seurat most famous paintings and largest. This shows people relaxing on an island by the river.
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