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Spatial Perspective & Nature

This painting depicts the view of the city of Warsaw. The picture has a very nice sunset. It is also viewed from very high up on top of the castle. The painting's spatial perspective is very wide.
This painting has a very dull and dark sky behind it, also the trees behind the forrest seems very dark like night fall. The spatial depiction is very intriguing because of the city they left behind.
This picture depicts a riverside with beautiful trees surrounding it. The town behind it was maybe unnoticeable at first but the shadow casted on the river helped with the spatial perception.
The season in this picture seems to be in autumn. The trees are dry and the color is very dull with flat colors. Also the animals just roaming around the town freely helps the natural perception.
This painting has an amazing spatial perception, the mountains in the back look very far and even cast a shadow on the smaller ones. The man is feeding his sheep or letting them roam the hill freely.
The sunset in this image is showing the spatial perception. The three men working, one plowing the grass while the other downhill with his animals and the one that is fishing to bring food home.
This picture depicts the fortunes of the nature. The pumpkin could be that fortune. The trees behind the lady very tall and full symbolizing the time isn't winter or autumn. Also the forrest behind looks huge.
The painting depicts a couple walking thru a giant forrest. The trees are vertically aligned making the spatial perception very big and more than it is. The grass is very high and green showing the time of season a nice one to have great long walks.
This painting depicts a very big town far behind the giant lion. Also, the lion has wings which isn't normal to the wilderness. In fact the lion is also walking on water and holding a book making him a true big cat.
This picture depicts a group of people picking from a tree. They're picking the apples off the floor while someone drops them with a long stick. Also a horse and carriage could be seen in the back heading their way to help with the load.
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