Heraclitus Project

Aubrey Manmiller Mosaics II Online: Themes used: Souls, Hope, Witnesses, Sun, Absent, Nature, Signs, Seeing, Wisdom, Fire, Itself

The image shows three skeletons and it relates to fragment 4. These three skeletons are considered bad witnesses because they have no ears or eyes making their souls rude. I feel that when they were human they lied and are now here.
This image relates to fragment 7. Hope is something needed in order to be successful. The boy below has hope flowing out of his head (birds) in order to obtain what is across the mountains. He would not get to it if it was not for his hope.
This image relates to fragment 15. It is mentioned that eyes are better witnesses than ears. Here is a person standing as a witness with eyes drawn all over them making this idea come through a picture that eyes are better than ears.
This image relates to fragment 32. It brings the concept to mind that the sun is new everyday. I personally disagree with this statement, but there are so many art depictions of what the sun looks like. Maybe art infers that it is new everyday.
This image relates to fragment 3. Those who ear but do not understand are just absent. Here is a child who most likely does not understand everything (first image). Then the child becomes absent because he does not understand everything (second image).
This image relates to fragment 10. Fragment 10 mentions that nature hides. Here is a part of nature that not everyone may know about or has seen. Nature is so big and undiscovered that it could just be concealed most of the time.
This image relates to fragment 11. It brings up the idea that a certain god does not speak or hide but it does use signs. Here are a bunch of signs presented as if the person who created it is a type of god trying to get out a message to its viewers.
This image relates to fragment 13. Seeing, hearing, and learning is honored by Heraclitus. So a person who may be inside this dark enclosed space sees the light and has to find their way out. Heraclitus may honor them because they use their senses distinctively.
This image relates to fragment 18. Heraclitus believes that "wisdom is apart from all." The image is divided into sections about things a person may know in life. if this person knows more than someone else it sets them apart from the other.
This image relates to fragment 20. Heraclitus thinks that the "world is an ever living fire." As in the world has a soul of fire. In the picture the world is depicted with fire beaming across the sky lighting it up and keeping the world beautiful.
This image relates to fragment 45. Heraclitus feels that when something separates it is really uniting with itself. For instance the black cherry log was separated from where it was made, and now stands alone to have a deeper meaning to those who see the image.
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