Human perception on the Complexity and beauty of                   NAture 

     Starting with the beginning of art, human perception of nature moved from capturing the majestic beauty of the 3-D world where most still identify with today, to a more complex idea of the universe with the development of science alongside art. Throughout the expanse of human history slowly starting with post-impressionism through famous artists such as Vincent Van Gogh we can finally incorporate art history as a view of the current humans perception of the world in the time as they knew it. Van Gogh was the first to show us the idea that maybe everything we see isn't exactly the way it is. With the evolution of science along with art we can finally see that with the human discovery of string theory, that there are more then 3 dimensions of the universe and nature itself Over the progress of human history through art you can capture how we perceived it first as a majestic 3-D world we associated our thoughts with and slowly with time we can begin to see the world as a much more complex system that raises awareness to the complexity of the universe itself.  According to the string theory there may be many more dimensions then the 3-D world we know and ground ourselves on. Through the art of nature we can see how long it took humans to change their view of the world into a more progressive way of thought opening new doors to a new more universal way of thought. 

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