Elements of Art: Color

By:Samantha Samano

In this image, we notice positive triadic colors which are red, blue, and yellow which are presented in this image.These are the colors that are used to create a mixture of hues.
This image contains monochromatic scales where a color becomes faded and those colors are being used. A great example is a black and white picture where there are different shades of black which then becomes different shades of gray then white. Each colors origin begins with white then becomes more bolder.
This image has to do with the element of analogous when colors lay next to each other on the color wheel and are close together in an image. In this image, there is colors that lay together like red,red orange,orange and there are more in this image.
In this image, we notice how there are cool colors mainly because of the background color. It is a combination of warm colors in the interior and cool colors on some of the interior and exterior. Lighter colors make an image cool and make the image more calming and a bit emotionless.
In this image, we are able to identify the element of tertiary colors where colors blend in creating a mixed, unsolid color. In this image we see a yellow orange around the leaves of in the image and instead of using the term lime, there is also a green yellow.
In this self portrait of the famous artist Andy Warhol, we see complementary colors where colors are directly across each other which are also known as opposite colors. In this image, there is a combination of green and red which are directly across from each other on the color wheel.
In this image we notice split complementary colors which is very similar to complementary colors but this is with unsolid colors.The darker green is directly across from the darker blue which makes it its opposite which is shown on the background in the image of the building.
This image contains secondary triadic colors being orange, green, and purple/violet. In this image there is a combination of many of those colors and some are already mixed hues.
This image contain warm colors like red,orange,yellow,yellow orange,and red orange.These colors portray a warm feeling and makes the image more calming and the colors are more solid.
In this image, tetradic colors appear which are most of the colors in the color wheel; solid colors and blended colors which are involved in the mixed hue. This has a mixture of a lot of these with the certain dark and light, cool and warm colors.
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