Principles of Design: Balance

This piece gives the feeling of radial symmetry, but there are small details on the outer edges that create more asymmetry.
This stone dagger even has a line of symmetry going down the center, accentuating the symmetrical balance of it.
Radial symmetry is beautifully displayed in this piece.
This is another piece that screams "symmetrical!" but when you look at the details you find that it is in fact asymmetrical.  The symmetrical elements add balance.
This piece displays intricate design and beautiful symmetry.
The balance of this painting is asymmetrical, though the people seem strategically placed.
This piece looks very balanced because of the intricate symmetry it displays
Radial symmetry is seen here.
I chose this piece because although it doesn't display perfect symmetry, it fools you into thinking it does. It is therefore asymmetrical.
This piece of work displays vertical symmetry
Credits: All media
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