Modern Architecture

After our previous ideas of cheese, mushrooms, mixed animals, zombies, and war we finally came up with modern architecture. This exhibit shows that there are many different kinds of modern architecture such as pavilions, glass houses etc. We learned that modern architecture has very diverse types.

It’s a triangle with an interior curve that creates illusions with shadow and form. It has shadow and glass which gives it a modern feel.
The serpentine gallery pavilion 2007 is made of timber and is unusual because it has a vertical dimension unlike most traditional pavilions and is an opening to modern pavilions.
Created and painted by Francois Garas(Also a architect) Tried to recreate this wonder of the world in his mind.But because of faulty construction The building was abandoned and destroyed.
This pavilion (Just like the one before) has a modern design. Its materials contain cables,roof fabrics, and steel. He tried to recreate the idea of a tent. It uses form with the triangular roof.
Lots of metal beams make up this structure.The way the beams are attached along with the lights give it a very modern feel
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