Ceglia's Gallery Walk

This man reminds me of strangth and pride and nationalim.And a little bit of courage. And I also like it because he looks chubby in the uniform.
I like this painting because it reminds me about how uncivil men are.
This painting is awesome because the people are blob like instead of persice and normal looking. It is also abstract like.
I like this necklace because it is deformed and twisted and it has the amithis stone which is my birth stone.
I like this painting because it is a little scary and nerve racking. ( Not really I just wanted to say nerve racking.)
This guy creeps me out. He should also go on the biggest loser. I feel like he is alive but then I see the crows and think he is dead.
I like this scetch because it looks awesome and I like the different types of buildings.
These two men remind me of the wright brothers. Also I feel like they are planing the next big thing, living there dream.
I laugh at this women. I laugh at her because she has fallen and is leting todlers help her. I laugh at her misfortune and think of her as pathetic .
It seems peaceful and iI like the colors. I don't see a storm coming but only a rainy day.
Looks like paradice . It makes me feel cozy inside. I wish i was there.
I'm not really sure why I like this picture but it interests me.
It is exotic and I have noidea what it is, so I like it.
It reminds me of asianiss and I like it.
This painting reminds me of a beutiful world where the wind blows in patterns, and the moon radiates it's light.
This painting is beutiful , I like it because I like waterfalls and it looks peaceful and wonderful.
I like this this thing because the mouse looks awesome ontop of the pencils. He is confident and I like it.
I like this headdress because the leaves look like they have been dipped into gold. I also like the greeks and romans.
This women looks like she just got raped and her family was murdered by the philipeano maffia.
I like this thing because when I look at it , it hurts my eyes and I feel like i'm spinning in circles.
This room is awesome beacuase there's a bunch of writing all over and the writing is awesome.
I like it because they look like they are all conected like the "Circle of Life"
This elephant is fat and cute.
I only like because I like there dresses. I think they are very pretty.
This carving reminds me of ersila and the starbucks logo.
I don't really have a coment for this. Pretty much the only resoan I put this here is because aspen liked. Also the bird looks like it's going to eat her.
This painting caught my atention because the dog is skinny and werird looking. Also I like kangaroos.
I like the chineese style of art and this was my favorite. I really don't see how this is a battle.
I like Buddha and this statue caught my attention.
I like some abstract but not all. This painting caught my eye because of the different color contrast.
I like the different colors and how it is swirly.
When I look at this tiger I feel it is looking into my soul. And I aslo feel like it's going to eat me.
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