Around the world in Paintings by Jules Verne

With your Guide - Reed Gallant

Epigraph: “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page"- Saint Augustine I chose this quote for Around the World in 80 days because I believe that you see the world differently when you travel and that is what this book is about.
The main thing that struck out to me in this book is the adventure. It's two men going out on a jourey to go around the world in 80 days in a time where it was almost impossible to do it in two hundred.
The tone for this story that I chose is whimsical. The story is so chalk full of things happening. At one point you have them in Bombay India stumbling into a sacred pagoda to the next when they are in Hong KOng and Detective Fix is trying to arrest them. I believe Jules Verne used his full imagination writing this one because of the eventfullness of this.
While this story starts in England there is many places Around the World that they go to. Some of these plces include Bombay, India and San Fransisico, United States. Even though all of these are a big part of the book very little time is spent in each.
I think that this book really relates to a human's emotions. Who doesn't love to travel, and to make it into a sort of competition where the prize is 55,000 pounds, that make everything more interesting. That's why I'm making a text to self relation. I first went out of this country a few years ago; I wnt to Costa Rica. While I was there I was given the nice tourisgt life, but while we traveled to places, I saw things. I saw the poorness and the richness of the country. You see things when you travel the world and I believe that this is what the book is about.
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