Clar 209 Chaplin Historical photos

Li Bai's poem was written by a famous calligrapher of the Northern Song Dynasty named Su Shi. He was inspired when he saw a portrait of Li Bai from a Taoist named Danyuan. Because of that inspiration, he constructed this poem in the year of 1093.                                                                                                           The second photo is about a very young girl working in a factory. This photo exposes the depressing truth about child labor during the industrial revolution, which lead to child labor laws. This photo was taken by Lewis W. Hine around 1910. I chose this particular photo because i remembered when i learned about this in American History that i felt sad for those children.                                                                                                               The third photo is from a village called Dragon Village. However, that village became a dump soon after lots of coal was mined from that village. This photo puts emphasis on what industrialization brought to that village. I chose this particular photo because this reminded me how the Industrial Revolution affected areas in America.                                                                                                                                                   The fourth photo is on the attack of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese planes during World War II. This photo was taken to show the amount of damage the Japanese planes caused. I chose this particular photo because Pearl Harbor is something i remember since childhood.                                                                                       The last photo is a photo on the construction of the Madison Square Garden. This photo was probably taken by one of the construction workers because it was soon to be a very famous arena. The building of Madison Square Garden was inspired by a circus organizer and a boxing promotor. I chose this photo because i am from NYC and i like Madison Square Garden a lot.                                                                                               Calligraphy is filled with closed lines so that each character can be distinguishable. In the rest of the photos, subject matter was most important because background history was essential to understanding and appreciating all those photos. 

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