Starry Night is probably the most popular Van Gogh piece, but it's still one of my favorites. His paint strokes follow each other in curves and straight lines (mainly curves). It's fun to watch the piece almost move on it's own because of his wavy lines.
Seurat's piece is one that is harder to see when you zoom in, but it's still defined enough that you can pick parts out of it. He uses a bunch of colors in his, but they're more earthy tones. It looks like maybe a form of pointillism, I'm not really sure. I love the fact that he painted a frame as well, it gives the picture a nice border, and uses the same style and colors.
This is an oil on canvas painting, and you can tell it's on thick. It's a funny picture, it seems to have more toned-down colors, but then when I zoomed in, all of a sudden the butterflies and flowers popped out at me.
Cézanne's piece shows differences in the clear and the blurred. His buildings stand out and are painted clearly, so they can be easily seen. The bushes and other landscape, however, tend to blur together. It just looks like a patchwork of green filling part of the piece. The brushstrokes in the brush are bigger and seem more hurried as well.
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