lines of art

this s a bunch of lines that have dots at the end of each line. they are just simple vertical lines that stop in the middle. some are short and some are long.some are just dots. they make me feel fun because the line's dots that come together look fun
this is a series of straight lines going in different directions. they are overlapping each other so it looks cool. they make me feel happy because there are so many colors and they are going in different directions  
the lines are straight and curved. this seems like its just abstract. they make me feel happy because the lines are all wavy and diagonal and they remind me of music.
this is a bunch of lines that over lap each other and make shapes. they are straight and curved. this is just an abstract art. this makes me feel fun because these shapes look fun and the curved part looks fun. 
these lines are all behind each other. most of the lines are makes me feel a bit sad because the colors are so dull and it looks so lonley. 
Credits: All media
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