Eye Catching 

This gallery contains art throughout the time periods of different styles and artists of all types but they all have one thing in common. They are sure to catch your eyes. They each have a different story to tell hidden beneath each stroke. 

This painting is of Queen Charlotte by Benjamin West. I like the fashion depicted in the painting. The strokes make it easy for the audience to easily imagine the texture of the dress and the curtains. The painting demonstrates the wealth of the Queen.
This painting depicts the battle The Sortie from Gibraltar. It shows the fight between the spaniards and the english. The Spanish commander is given the option to surrender and come with the British but he chooses to remain with his men. The most captivating part of the painting is the bright reds contrasted with the black.
This painting is a portrait of a family in the 18th century. Having paintings done of your family was a typical thing in this time period and this well to do family did just that. I enjoyed the colors in this painting. They were very soft and seemed to depict a warm family in the painting
This painting is of Cinderella at the kitchen fire depicting the heroine from the classic fairytale. The colors in the painting help demonstrate that she's a humble servant girl because she's on the floor and her robe is almost the same color as her surroundings unlike the other girls in the background who seem to be wearing more colorful dresses
This painting is of Pat Lyon, a man who later on became a wealthy business man. Instead of having his painting done with great grandeur, Lyon was painted in the place where he used to work as blacksmith. The colors are all mainly neutral and the background depicts his humble upbringings
This picture is of a woman sitting in a chair, holding a book. She is wearing clothes that is accentuated by the strokes of this painting whose style is oil on canvas. I chose this picture as eye catching because it is interesting to see a painting in which a woman is reading in this time period and I think it's important
This sketch was made as a gift for Monica Lind Greenburg in her honor. Its a sketch using charcoal on paper. I thought this sketch was eye-catching because of the details on the woman's body like her face, hair, and clothes. The smudges of the charcoal also add shading and character to the sketch
In this painting you can see a young woman standing dramatically outside. There are a few other people in the background along with plenty of nature. The dominant color in this painting is mainly green. This painting was chosen for this collection because the woman in the painting is literally eye-catching. The lighting makes her the center of attention in the painting as do her bright garments
This painting is yet another family portrait, however this one is much more natural than others. The family is depicted in a somewhat candid environment when the mother is holding a baby and they older daughter is sitting on the floor reading a book. The dominant color is brown. The painting is eye-catching because the bright clothes the family is wearing makes them the center of attention and the lighting distinguishes them as the obvious subjects of the portrait
This painting is of Rubens Peale with a plant called a Geranium. The painter is his father Rembrandt Peale. The dominant colors are brown and green. This painting stands out because although the subject of the painting is Peale's son, the plant he is holding adds life to the painting. Also what I found particularly interesting is that if you pay attention, Rubens is wearing spectacles in the portrait but at the same time he is holding another pair in his hands.
This painting is of fruit on a table. There are various colors that stand out and I think that is why the artist decided to go with a black backdrop since the focus of the audience should be on the fruit. There are lots of shapes, shading, and realism in this painting because of how realistic everything looks
This painting is of a few berries in a bowl. The berries are what make the painting stand out. The bright colors of, especially, the red berries make the painting alluring to the audience. The most important part is how realistic the painting is. The artist added fitting shadows under the plant that makes the realism possible
This painting is part of a set of a wealthy couple's wedding portraits The painting is not only eye-catching to the audience but was also eye-catching for the artist themselves. It has so many details that it brings out Sarah Miriam Peale's attention to detail when painting Isaac Avery. The clothing, posture, hair style, and small details depict his wealthy status.
This painting is a portrait of the wife of the Ottoe Half Chief. The beautiful and bright colors of her clothing is what draws the audience's eyes. Another important aspect of the painting is the attention to detail such as the pattern of her clothing and the jewelry she wears
This painting is a portrait of the view of Harper's Ferry at either sundown or sunrise. The beautiful colors of the sky are eye captivating. The painting seems quite peaceful. You can see the reflection of the sky in the water
This is a painting of the Virginia landscape. The dominant colors are green and brown
This is a sketch of mice on a table. Its eye catching because of the details in the sketch including the structure of the mice and the details on the vase in the background
This sketch of three different birds is both eye-catching and informative. The dominant colors are white, red, and green
This bust of Thomas Jefferson has many details especially on his face and clothing. I chose it because Thomas Jefferson is such an iconic historical figure
This bust is also very full of details on his clothes. I chose it because the wrinkles on his shirt are so realistic
This last stature is all one color and the position of the stature depicts plenty of emotions. There are plenty of eye catching details as well
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