Lines and Art work

Artwork Around The World

The lines are vertical. The lines appear to make a human. Some of the lines are thicker than others.
The lines are vertical and form mountains in a valley. The lines are foreground,middle ground,and background
The lines are thin around the mans face then they get thick on the nose to give it a complexion of some sort.
The lines are thin around the flower to make up the flowers pedestal and give it a distinct look.
The lines overlap over themselves multiple times to give it a distinct look.
The lines are thin on the outside with grey as a light color to make them look more thin from the black lines in the inside.
the three clovers overlap one another to make a triangle like figure with a sun like flower in the top left corner
The lines are spiraled as if their going down the 5th dimension
The lines are a red rust that spiral down in a vortex.
Lines are in a jagged form to make a knife like form
Credits: All media
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