The Color Orange

Use to make things stand out and set mellow moods!

The use of the orange stripe on this spider makes it stand out and draws the eye to it when walking by.
Orange does not stand out in this picture but it sets a heavy tone of feeling for this image.
Making the flower orange was a great idea because it draws the eye as you walk by and makes people notice it.
The use of orange in a overwhelmingly blue painting really makes it the first thing your eye is drawn too when looking at it.
The use of orange to represent flames does not necessarily make this image stand out but evens it out for the whole page.
Only one orange tree in a sea of green really makes it stand out and tells you a story of rariety.
the oranges are the only thing that stand out in this painting because of their color, otherwise the eye would not be drawn to this painting at all for it is very bland.
Orange can set a mellow mood as well!
the orange/black colors really look good together and makes the piece much more attractive.
Another vase i thought was very cool because of the use of the color orange, makes it look very appealing to look at.
It is easy to see here that the use of the color orange was meant to immediately draw your eye to that specific spot first then look outwards.
Really cool making the dress orange it stands out over all the other colors!
Orange sunset, sets a very mellow mood and makes the scene look beautiful.
The only thing that sticks out about this image is the orange dress, other wise i would never look at it!!
Really cool use of orange, not used to stand out but more set to blending in with the other colors.
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