textures of earth - Liam Frank

I chose to include artworks that display the textures of landscapes. Many of the pieces in this gallery have features that were created with lots of details. These details assist the viewer in being able to see the texture that the artist is trying to portray. Being able to look at a painting and imagine how some of the individual leaves of trees or grass would feel if you could reach out to touch them. 

This is a painting of banana trees that are in a field below a cloudy sky. The texture of each individual leaf is shown by the soft but detailed style of the artist.
This painting portrays a group of lambs eating grass by a river. The large brush strokes give a soft appearance to the grass. The individual leaves of the trees are able to be seen.
This painting shows a group of houses behind plum trees with more land and the sky in the background. The background is painted a bit more loosely while the plum trees in the foreground have more details.
A house is shown in the middle of a lot of vegetation, while a stormy sky fills the background. The large brush strokes used for the sky help show the cloudiness. The details shown for the leaves brings out their texture.
This is an image of people and animals all located around a river. The leaves of the trees above are painted in a way to show the individual leaves and how they could feel. The rocky river appears to be flowing rather quickly.
A Field Landscape is shown with a figure standing in the middle of it. There are buildings in the background. The way that the brush strokes were places all around the field and sky cause the eye to follow them along the features of the land.
A figure stands on a path leading to a bunch of beautiful trees in front of a body of water. Off in the distance you see more land and the cloudy blue sky. There are many quick-styled brush strokes to form the leaves of the many trees, as well as the details of the grass and water.
This is an image of a body of water that reflects a few trees that are in front of a beautiful sky. The smooth lateral streaks of the water give it a very soft and calm appearance.
There is a body of water in front of a city landscape. The pale blue sky hangs above it. The brush strokes created a very course appearance. It looks like it could be possibly raining during a gloomy day as well.
The artist depicted a bunch of construction workers in the foreground, followed by large skyscrapers behind. Each of the brush strokes used form an odd shape throughout the painting to give it a weird and fuzzy feel.
Credits: All media
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