Mary Kate Jankowski

The brush strokes help to illuminate texture within this piece. The trees look as if they have a feeling or texture to them because of the way Van Gogh painted multiple short brush strokes.
The light brush strokes create a grainy and blurred texture within the painting. The light colors of the paint also create the texture because of the similarity to the background.
The artist wanted the piece to have a realistic texture. As if the feeling would be the actual flowers.
This was my favorite piece because texture in art can be in many different kinds of art. This piece is by an unknown artist, but through the way the stone was cut the texture is throughout.
The title of this piece describes it perfectly. The small brush strokes create a cluttered texture. Also the many different colors of greens help to create that texture.
The colors create the illusion of a 3D texture. The lighter colored brush strokes atop the darker colors also creates the 3D look.
The small dotted brush strokes create texture through the different colored strokes. The lighter colored strokes look 3D because of the placement of the light colors next to or on top of the darker.
The realism of this piece is accompanied by the realistic texture that the artist strived to create. The water and sky look real with the different shades of blues and greys.
The clouds look 3D and fluffy because of the way the artist uses the different colors and shapes against each other.The clouds look real because of the grey and white combination against the blue sky.
The use of distance and shapes of the mountains create texture. Also the way the artist painted the bushes creates the illusion of realism.
Credits: All media
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