through His eys

The way God see us. I feel being unclothed and vulnerable is art in its own right. Just like any kind of art everything is subjective beauty is subjective the contour of a person body is subjective and it lies and I have the beholder.  I feel a nude body is a masterpiece from the Almighty.   

I chose this because it felt like God is preparing to create man in his likeness and his image. This could be considered his grand work of art. This goes back to perspective he looks at how he's going to create them.
End the beginning god created man and woman. When I saw this pice it looks as if this woman was Eve and the lonely world would just one other person. She looks so peaceful.
A person in their purest form. She looks as if she has a headpiece or some type of garment on ahead as if she was getting married at this point in her life she's vulnerable to love.
Black is beauty. The reason I chose this piece it looks as if God sculptured this himself she has the perfect body proportion it looks as if it has no imperfections what so ever and it shows how beautiful the absence of color can be.
More precious than gold. I picked this photo the mono tone color pop for me and stood out the women look as if they're waiting to be preserve precious piece of metal
I picked this sketch because it looks as if this woman works hard on her feet all day and she's not perfect she's our everyday woman waiting for God to take all the pain and hard work away.
In this portrait, it looks as if he's a ballet dancer doing point. He's doing some sort of meeting dance in order to procreate as he plays God his self-giving life to earth.
When I seen this photo I thought of mother nature of these women look like they're budding from the tree of life. This relates directly to perspective and the way we see Life and nature as one.
I feel this portrait symbolizes strength. It shows when your hand is tied and you know longer can stand on your own two feet you ask God for help.
The frist thing that came to mind when seen this was. I love you with my everything heart body and soul. I feel this a huge from God.
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