She's Beauty & She's Grace-Alexi Wright

This gallery is a visual representation of how artist can take some of the most beautiful creatures to ever grace the earth, and use different elements to make street art, and murals. 

What this piece depicts is pretty simple, its just a small buffalo being led by a women. The use of the different shades of blues and white are really creative.
This piece is depicts a women holding in her arms all the things the latin people of Los Angeles hold dear to their heart. The simplicity in this piece with the mixture of colors is amazing.
This piece depicts what seems to be a woman in the ocean taking her last breath. The use of cool colors is outstanding, and helps the splash of warm colors pop more.
The piece depicts a medusa like image of a woman but the snakes are replaces with thick curls. I admire the use of the rural area to help bring this piece of art into form.
This piece depicts a woman looking glamorous, with her hair flowing in the wind. I love the simplicity of the background. The artist let colors drip from top to bottom to make a simple background.
This piece simply depicts a woman in tribal gear, spreading a message of piece. I love the way such a beautiful message was spread in a place that is not that nice; the art actually pops out more.
This piece depicts a woman, with a lot of different edits to her face. I like how the artist used black and white then burst out with streaks of color, and patterns.
This piece simply depicts a woman looking at a man. The thing that caught my eye was the use of cool colors on the man, but warmer colors used on the women.
This piece depicts a women on the beach, waving at all the patrons of Long Beach, California. The area where this mural was placed, and the use of bright bold colors was absolutely amazing.
This piece depicts a woman with her hands spread apart with the earth, and life in between them. The color used in this piece is amazing, also the use of the nature around the piece was a great touch.
Credits: All media
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