A fiery tempest, red's connection to strong passionate emotions.

In this art gallery are different pieces that use the color red. Be it a little or a lot, the use of red in this works invokes different deep emotions within us. Whether is of power, love, strength, or any passionate emotions, the color red helps to paint out what symbolisms help to convey these emotions.

In this painting, the use of red is the brightest color. We see women and a child being held while the woman in red appears pregnant. Our eyes are drawn immediately to this red because this color stands out the most. The use of this color can be interpreted as one of excitement. This is further supposed by the green that the woman also wears. Green and red usually symbolize a joyous occasion. When looking at the painting then, the light muted colors, brought out by the red makes one experience an emotion of joy. We can even see the pregnant woman, staring not at the viewer, but at the child, with a serene look on her face. Her hand is also placed on her stomach further giving the impression of excitement. 
e term “lady in red” can refer to a woman who engages in risqué behavior. Red is often associated with sensual and passionate.  Here we see the depicted woman clothed in a red dress. The red dress is the focal point, and is rather dark in color, and not subtle. With all the foliage around her, the can be referring to her beauty or symbolism of her to “fruit” or temptation, as was the apple to Eve. Since the color of the dress is not muted, this can suggest it was supposed to hint at her sensuality and draw the viewer in with her beauty. 
“Venus” refers to the Roman goddess of beauty. However Venus can also mean “woman” as well. In this scene we see a woman lying on dark red sheets her head titled towards what appears to be a cherub. The red sheets in this painting direct your attention to the woman, who is an intimate position. This signifies an intimate encounter, but most importantly it make the viewer feel a sense of passion must be going on. Again a dark red can mean passion, more so than a lighter shade. The darker the shade the more the viewer feels a stronger emotion than as opposed to a lighter shade feeling more “light-hearted” and not as intimate. 
There are two examples of red in this painting. We see red where the male is clutching at his chest indicating blood, and his “heart”.  The use of red here is a powerful indicator, of heartbreak and being devastated.  Where we see blood, the use of red represents a more literal connation to having “one’s heart ripped out from their chest”. Showing the heart towards the center also shows how his heart is gone, because of the separation. In this painting, while red is not the dominant color, it speaks volumes. What it says here is while heartbreak is not a truly “physically” wound, it can feel more gripping and catastrophic. 
While red is passion, passion comes in many forms. The warrior’s face is done in red, outlining a fierce expression. It radiates of strength and power, something that red can symbolize. While it is not a bold color of red, how it is used to bring out the full details of the face is enough. Without being bold, it is strong enough to show the “warrior within”. 
The soft blues appear serene and tranquil. However, the break-up of that with the red shows something else. Red here represents danger threatening that very peace. It approaches threatening to overtake the gentle blue. The viewer then feels the urgency in the woman’s retreat, how the danger outlined red is very close to getting her. 
In the rather dark painting, the main source of color is the vibrant red dress. A woman holds a child her face against that baby’s. In this sense, red can represent a platonic love, a deep love between mother and child. The viewer gets this feeling by the bold red against the muted background. They are drawn to the pair, and focus on how content they appear to be, while she protectively holds the child close to her. 
Shrouded in a deep scarlet red, the male sits proudly and radiates refinement. One can’t help but feel red here represents the male’s power. The look of the robe is elegant, and is of of a “rich” hue. Whether this is from power of wealth or politics, the viewer can see through the use of color this male’s higher status.  The bleak background just makes the red stand out, much like this male stands out amongst everyone else.
The painting is overtaken with dark reds.  Against the red is white, representing her purity, and usually something holy.  We can then say the red here is meant to represent a “powerful holy figure”.  The dark red makes the viewer feel drawn and realize this power is an “embracing” one. It is one of love and purity, as the figure’s power comes not from material goods or social standing. The “power” here is love meant to make the viewer feel safe. 
“Seeing red” is a common phrase to someone experience aggression or a significant amount of anger. This statute where the only color is its red eyes, seems to be a literal representation of that phrase. The viewer is drawn to the eyes, which are the eyes to the very soul. A sense of anger seems to be felt so much, that it overtakes the statue’s gaze to where that is all they can see, anger. 
The three colors alone tell a story. White here can mean safety while the dark woods, can mean the unknown. However the large sweep of red that seems to curl around the girl can be seen as a sign of caution or impending doom. The red is more prominent towards the dark, and seems to lessen the more it goes towards the white. The viewer can see red as doom or visual to the girl she should stop her advance towards the unknown woods. 
Against the purples, pinks, yellows, and blues, red here can mean excitement.  While the color is very bold, the laidback colors seem to tone down the intensity where the color seems more playful. One can’t help but feel excitement, as if an abstract party is taking place that they are witnessing in a represented color palette.
Red and white seem to be balance in this picture. The girl in white looks out to a serene landscape, while the girl in red is facing dark woods. The girl at white has her hands to her side, making her vulnerable and trusting. The girl in red however has her arms behind her back a sign of secrecy and deceit.  Red here can then be red as all the negatives to passion. It reads as caution or the dark that is right around the corner.
In this painting red seems to act as movement. It is placed about making our eyes dart about making it appears as if the builders are moving as well. One feels a sense of urgency and movement as they look at the piece, the red guiding our eyes to this bustling scene.
The bloody red hue, against the dark gives one an eerie sense of danger and caution. The red seems to scream stop to something that cannot be understood until they pass through to the darkness. One then feels anxious, as if fearing to what they will encounter once they head past the red warning them to pass no further. 
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