Elements, collection, and principal

This picture represents line because there are two types of line in it. the vertical and horizontal lines are the ones that stand out most.
this pictures represents shape because he sail on the boat is a triangular shape. Also, the moon on the sail is a shape.
This picture has low contrast, which makes it represent value. The way his sleeves are darker than the rest of the picture gives it value,
This US flag painting shows color because it uses both cool and warm colors within the painting
This shows space because it gives a 3- dimensional feeling when you look at it. The white lines shows the space the trees would take up if they were on the ground
This car is an example of form. It is a geometric form because it is man made,
The trees in this painting show the element of line. They are straight, vertical lines.
The objects in this picture shows shape. The envelope is rectangle, along with the notebook behind it. Most of the shapes shows are geometric.
This pig sculpture is an example of form because it is 3- dimensional and is organic.
The woman's dress symbolizes texture because it looks like you can touch it and actually feel the texture.
I think this painting represents value because the blacks, whites, and grays blend together and they go dark to light.
This painting has foreground, middle ground, and background, which makes it have space.
This photograph shows texture because it's almost like you can tough this picture and feel the texture.
This picture is mostly made up of warm colors, but it also has a mixture of colors.
This painting of a skeleton walking in water represents movement. You can tell because of the ripples in the water where he's stepping.
This dandelion is an example of emphasis because the background is blue, and the dandelion is white which makes it stand out.
This is a pattern because it is continuous and repeats itself.
This is an example of balance. You can tell it is balance because it is symmetrical and it also repeats itself.
This painting of fruits shows variety because there's lots of different colors.
This woman and the Leaning Tower of Pisa is an an example of proportion because it seems as if the woman is almost as tall as the tower, when she's not.
This painting of trees shows unity because it kind of looks like a messy piece of art but it all comes together to make a picture of trees.