In this Exhibition ‘Fauna’ this closely takes a look at wild animals in their natural environment and how they act in their habitat. In this exhibition the pictures are very close related in colour scheme, theme and texture. In these pictures the colours are very earthy and dark, emphasizing the natural habitat the animals are in. In ‘Fauna’ you will find all the animals in the pictures showing the natural characteristics in their normal environment and the pictures show that they are not under human control. Most of these paintings have been drawn with pencil but some have been painted. In the paintings that have been drawn with pencil, the strokes are really emphasised on the feathers or fur on the animals so the textures and the patterns are really evident on the animal. I picked my artworks by making sure I went by the theme ‘Fauna’ and I had to make sure that the animals in the picture were in their natural habitat showing their normal characteristics. But most importantly I had to make sure the textures, the colours and the framework of the pictures looked similarly to make the exhibition flow more. This is an outstanding exhibition as it gives the viewer a close insight as to how animals act in the environment without a human controlling their actions. This is a very spectacular exhibition because you get to see amazing artist’s pieces of work and a deep insight of how they created the artwork. Most of these pictures have been created in the 19th century and some in the 20th, 16th, 18th and 17th so you are looking at amazing pieces of art from the past. So enjoy a walk on the wild side and let us take through the animal’s world.

This Painting 'Sheep by the Sea' has been painted by Rosa Bonheur. Rosa was born in Bourdeaux France, in 1822 and she grew up on a farm. This is a cultral frame because it shows the artist's familiar surroundings.
This painting 'Koala and young' was painted by J.W.Lewin and I believe that this painting is a Post-Modern frame because the painting is showing that artist believes in protecting the wildlife especially Koalas since they are endangered.
This painting 'Zebra' has been painted by Jacques- Laurent Agasse. This artwork has warm colours in the foreground but in the background (bushes and sky) there are cool colours like green and light blue. This artwork is a structural frame.
This artwork 'Cows by a river' has been painted by Aelbert Cuyp and I believe that this is a subjective frame because this looks like and reminds me of a hot humid day possibly in the middle east or Africa.
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