The exhibition theme that I have chosen is the Journey of a Butterfly, explored through the life stage of a butterfly, the places a butterfly visits in its life time and the period of time the artwork was created. Throughout my gallery I have displayed different mediums such as paintings, sculptures and accessories to illustrate an array of butterflies. Each medium symbolises the unique interpretation that the artist is communicating throughout the butterfly’s journey.  The artwork “Black Jezebel Butterfly, Delias nigrina” by Helena Scott uses vibrant and bold colours such as red, geen and yellow to draw attention to the butterflies to make them the main focal point of the artwork. This is in contrast to the background of the painting which is painted in black and white signifying the journey yet to be undertaken. Throughout the 15 artworks chosen, you will be able to view a range of different techniques the artists have used to illustrate their interpretation of a butterflies’ journey.  The artwork “Deep in the mountians”, highlights the images found on the way to a temple deep in the mountains in South Asia. The butterflies in this paining are camouflaged amongst the bright and bold colours such as yellow, pink, green, blue and orange, which are surrounding the mountains in order to signifies the importance of these pictures to the butterflies. The colours used also create a joyful feeling to the audience. This emotion is in contrast to the artwork “Chronicle of Butterflys” where the artist has used a lot of dark monochrome shades throughout his artwork which convey soft and warm feelings to the audience, as well as mystery and uncertainty of the butterflies’ journey. The artworks have been arranged based on chronological order. This shows the journey of time and how different mediums and interpretations of a butterfly have evolved from the stone “Butterfly or moth” (1BC-1AD) to the painting “Deep in the mountians”(2006). This is where the journey of a butterfly begins….

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