The history of color and texture in art

An art gallery made by Faith Voorhees.


This gallery focuses on the changes in color and texture in art that have taken place in different styles of art. Color and texture, in my opinion are the elements of art that are the most frequently changing, and with the change in color and texture comes a change in style.


In these two separate yet connected paintings, the artist painted the scene so realistically, it is like looking through a window. Dali uses mild colors to give a dry atmosphere, as if you were in the desert.
Although this scene depicted by Dali is almost childlike, the use of texture in the tree and the drapery gives it that Dali-touch. The slight addition of color gives it depth.
Going more in the direction of realism, this paining by Hayez is a great example of color use and texture. Jesus's loincloth has depth and seems to hang naturally. The colors are vibrant.
In this abstract piece by Munch, the use of vibrant colors and a swirling pattern not only add depth but give the piece a certain urgency; there is continuous movement due to the colors and textures.
This piece has a great use of color. The red and yellow background is flat and lacks depth, like wallpaper almost. Yet, the woman's dress is full of detail and shading, adding to the texture. The use of the flat background makes her stand out even more.
This painting is bright with vibrant colors and different textures are found everywhere. The water, the rocks off the shore, the tree's and especially the couple standing on the shore.
This abstract portrait of an unknown landscape uses colors and textures to create a circular effect, as if the beach and the grass are the walls of a wave-like tunnel.
This paintings use of skin tones and mild shadows gives the feet a soft look and texture. The painting has a picturesque look and is incredibly realistic.
This rather dark and mysterious scene has a strong use of shadows as well as a large use of red; red symbolizing death. The seemingly natural lighting adds to the texture in the mans suit.
Credits: All media
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