lines with different emotions and colors..

This pictures had some different but some are lines. The two lines that are being observed are curves and some thick and thin lines. The way they made it thick was by drawing the lines really dark and thick. But the texture would very smooth.
This is an unmarried African young woman, the make up or decoration on her face shows some lines to attract the men who are not married. The way they attract them is by making something on their faces. The lines that her on face are cured going into a circle. The lines are very thick to make it look big or fat lines. Some lines are strait on her middle for head.
This picture's emotions seems to be sad or depressed because of the dark colors. The lines that are being used in the picture are thick and thin lines. The thick lines really brings out the pictures and what is happening in the picture. Then the thin lines brings out the the light side of the picture and especially the person's emotions. Also there are some straight lines to draw out the rug.
This picture has a positive because of the lines. The lines are strait and some are thick and thin. The color of the picture is bright and the lines are positive and that makes the picture to look in a positive way, such as a sunny and a happy bright.
In this picture you can see that this picture or painting is very bright and happiness to it. The lines are simple but in ways are curved, in the black and white painting there are vertical and horizontal lines making that painting little history and then the rest happy with the curved lines and some lines that are going into a circle.
This painting very colorful but at the same it's very plane. The reason why the picture is very plane is because the lines in the painting are just going vertical and horizontal. But in some places there are curved lines such as the top of every door away or just passing way.The little plant have lots of curved but mostly the whole painting has vertical and horizontal lines.
This picture or painting's emotions seems to be sad or very depressing. The reason why those emotions acor in the painting is because of the lines and the colors that had been used. There are that are curved and going in the motion of circle to make it look like there was a hurricane before it calmed down, there were wavy lines where the wind was blowing. The people in the painting looked very scared because of what they saw and what was happening to them and in front of them.
The painting's emotions seems to be bored. That is the emotion because of the colors and the way the painting been drawn. The lines in the painting are curved and mostly straight. The lines of the water seems to be straight but also wavy because that is water and when wind blows on the water the water becomes wavy or goes in circle.
This painting's emotions would be gloomy or scared.The reasons why those are the emotions are because of the reaction on the face makes it scared and the background seems to be gloomy. The lines that are in the painting are straight. Some lines are thick to make the picture over dramatic and some lines are thin and wavy.
The emotions of the painting would be very calm and happy. The reasons why those are the emotions are of the painting is because the people in the painting seems to be enjoying their day and the lines are frustrated for the leafs but the lines or the cloud seems to be in curved motion making it seem to be a cool and calming day.
The emotion of the painting seems to be sad. The reasons why the painting or the person in the painting seems to be said is because there are tears falling out of Frida's eyes. The curved lines of her lips is sad because she is not smiling and the curved lines of her eyebrows are going down in a depression mode.The hands are just there and she just seems very sad about something.
The emotions of the painting seems to be happy going to a depression mode. The reason why painting seems to be happy because of the bright color of the clouds and the people are on the beach. The way the emotions of it changed is because there are some people seems to in controlled by some people. The lines on the sand seems to be little frustrated and little bit lazy and so are the lines on the people.
The emotion of the painting could be sad or bored. The reasons why this painting could be sad or bored is because the chair is just by itself and nothing else in painting is happening. The reasons why this picture's emotions could be bored because the lines in the painting are just going vertical and horizontal making this painting to look like plane and there is nothing happening.
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