The Spooner Exhibition: By Jacob Spooner

This exhibit features art pieces of a special interest to the sponsor such as Landscape art as expressed through impressionist, modern digital art and graphic art, and traditional media. The theme of this exhibit is perspective in nature, and how it is expressed through the different art styles listed above. I picked these images based on the colors of the light source, and how it compliments the colors and textures of the landscapes itself.

A Seascape, Shipping by Moonlight, Claude Monet, About 1864, From the collection of: Scottish National Gallery
This is a painting of seascape with multiple cargo ships, and with a small light house. While the light source is very dim, but its white-yellow color compliments the dominant blue in the scene.
Among the Sierra Nevada, California, Albert Bierstadt, 1868, From the collection of: Smithsonian American Art Museum
This scene is of a mountain range, or a valley with a large lake and trees bordering it, and small waterfalls line the valley wall. The bright light of the sun creates excellent contrast with the trees and valley wall, yet at the same time keeping a serene setting.
Sunset in the Yosemite Valley, William Bradford, 1881, Original Source:
This painting is of a valley with large valley walls lining either side of the scene, and a small river snakes through the valley with trees stretching across the valley floor. This scene is an excellent example of perspective, as everything in the painting converges on a point in space, and it is roughly around the same area of the setting sun
A Cloudy Day, Bluebonnets near San Antonio, Texas, Julian Onderdonk, 1918, From the collection of: Amon Carter Museum of American Art
A Cloudy Day, is a scene outside of San Antonio, Texas, depicting a field with a small tree in the background, and the field is covered in Bluebonnets, the state's flower. I'm particularly fond of this painting because it's a scene from my home town, and it not only has a good balance of color, but it is a good example of atmospheric perspective. Details like that of the tree and the field close to it begins to fade, and become opaque.
A Dutch Road, Anton Mauve, ca. 1880, From the collection of: The Toledo Museum of Art
This painting is pretty simple, with a road stretching into the distance, and thin trees line each side of the road. Three people travel down the road, and it's a gloomy day. This scene is a perfect example of perspective because the road and the trees converge on one point in the distance, but there is not a lot of contrast in color or value as everything is very monotone.
Harlem Sunshine, Frederic Whitaker, size unknown. Watercolor, Private Collection., 1947, From the collection of: The Frederic Whitaker and Eileen Monaghan Whitaker Foundation
This painting is of Harlem, with tall buildings taking up most of the scene, and a small house or shack in the foreground. This paint is another example of perspective, but in a man-made environment, and it's very bright with loud colors throughout the scene.
The Return from Hawking, Wouwerman, Philips, c.1660-65, From the collection of: Dulwich Picture Gallery
This is a very dull painting set in a western scene with a saloon, or a haberdashery in the lower-right hand corner of the painting with cowboys and their horses milling about outside of the building. They seem to be preparing for the dust storm approaching. It's a very dark setting with most of the people in the painting obscured in the darker values, with the much brighter blue hues taking up the upper part of the painting, and there is some contrast between the created by the darker values.
The Garden of Eden, Thomas Cole, 1828, From the collection of: Amon Carter Museum of American Art
This painting is of a very nature setting, with trees taking up the sides of the painting while a lone mountain rises in the center-background. A small valley spreads out from the mountain, giving birth to a small waterfall, and the jungle spreading from there. This is another painting depicting perspective in nature, with everything in the painting converging on the mountain in the distance, and the details in the painting begins to fade due to atmospheric distortion.
Scenery in the Grand Tetons, Albert Bierstadt, Original Source:
This painting is of a tall mountain that stretches across the scene with a long river/lake, and a cluster of tall trees in the left-hand part of the scene. This scene has a good balance of values and color, and there is a excellent amount of texture throughout the scene especially in the mountain and the rocks on the lower part of the painting.
The Town, August Strindberg, 1903, From the collection of: Nationalmuseum Sweden
This is an impressionist style painting of a very cloudy scene with a rocky shore in the lower part of the scene, and the ocean stretches horizontally across the mid-portion of the painting. There is a city that sits just above the ocean waters, giving the illusion of the city being at a great distance from the observer. Most of the painting is dominated by the dull gray and black clouds, and this forces your attention attention down to the smooth waters and the city in the distance. This is a good example of perspective because the city has been foreshortened to create the illusion of distance, and the color of the city lights contrasts very well with the grey of the rest of the scene.
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